[pct-l] Caches around Hat Creek Rim

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There are two established caches on Hat Creek Rim. I'm sure both cachers
would appreciate some help. 

Cache 44 is a small top off cache only, located near the Trailhead at
the top of the Hat Creek Rim, off Hwy 44. This is between the newer
trailhead with the concrete overlook and the older dirt parking lot. 

1398.6 Cache 22 at Road 22. From Road 22, walk "south" (more like SE) on
the PCT several yards to a brush shelter under a tree on the right side
of the trail.

Cache 44 is maintained by Georgi Heitman in Old Station. Cache 22 is
done by "Stan", Georgi knows how to reach him. 

I've copied Georgi on this message. If you want to send me your phone
number privately, I will forward it to Georgi.


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> Hi,
> I (and my family) live on the Hat Creek Radio Observatory (visible
> from the PCT along the rim).  I've been reading up on info regarding
> the PCT in this area and have noted that most mentions of HC are about
> the lack of water.  I was hoping to set up some caches along the PCT
> on a regular basis and wanted to know if there are any particular
> points along the trail that would be best.
> Regards,
> Colby

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