[pct-l] Hiker Pack - Trail Magic in Southern WA?

Dusty Wallace dusterbuddy at comcast.net
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There is a small to Medium group that will be at Cascade lock on the 12th.
Let me know how it goes? Wish S.O.L. best of luck.


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I am anxious to hear other folks answer this, but I have a few friends who
are the at tail of the pack and have yet to reach Washington.  So, I would
say go for it - there may only be a few by in a day, but they will be
greatly grateful!!  (Or, is that grately greatful?)


> Hello,
> Bucket (my girlfriend) and I thru'd the AT last year
> and have the day (September 7th) free basically and will be
> around Trout Lake, WA, just north of Cascade Locks and the
> Columbia River.  We'd like to put on some trail magic if
> we can but are wondering if there is much of anyone left who
> would be coming thru at this point. I've heard of a few
> reports from some hiking forums here in the PNW that they
> saw decent groups around mid and northern WA in the past
> week or week and a half.
> We are looking to be around NF Road 24 crossing - very near
> Twin Buttes (area on map) - NW of troutlake, SW of Mt.
> Adams.  Would be willing to give rides (I think) from there
> into trout lake and provide whatever else we can.  Any
> feedback from this list - I'm assume people here are a
> bit more in the know as to PCT hikers than the forums I
> posted on.
> Water/Matt    

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