[pct-l] How do you distinguish scuzzy "Hiker Trash" from a grubby "Homeless Bum"?

Hiker97 hiker97 at aol.com
Sat Sep 13 18:54:23 CDT 2008

I prefer not to be associated with Unsupported and his Snicker bar fetish.  He give us Hiker Trash Bums a bad name.  Thank you.


In a message dated 09/10/08 22:53:49 Pacific Daylight Time, reinholdmetzger at cox.net writes:
Of course I would Georgi.....I would flash my big white teeth at you and 
ask....Georgie, can you spare me a dime? 

''THAT''  is how you distinguish scuzzy ''Hiker Trash''  from a grubby   
''Homeless Bum''.....the grubby ''Homeless Bum'' will beg for a 
dime....the scuzzy ''Hiker Trash'' will beg for a Snicker bar and all 
''Hiker Trash'' knows Georgi has lots of Snicker bars and a heart of 
gold for ''Hiker Trash.'' 

The last time you ran into Switchback & me, at the KO, you gave us 
Snicker Bars...I think you mistook us for ''Hiker Trash.'' 
But, we forgave you Georgie....besides, I love Snicker bars. 

JMT Reinhold 
Your Snicker bar loving trail companion 

Georgi Heitman wrote: 
> Can't remember the last time I approached a 'bum', but when I approach 
> 'hiker trash' , I ask if there's any 'hiker trash' around, and they 
> always laugh...would a real, honest-to-goodness bum do that? 
> FireFly 

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