[pct-l] Water Treatment & ending my hike

Carolyn Eddy ECPG at peoplepc.com
Thu Sep 18 18:30:11 CDT 2008

OK, since I sort of started this. Jefferson Park, Oregon, end of August, 

When we got there it was 90 degrees, but after a couple of gorgeous days, an 
"unexpected cold front" (in the words of the ranger who came thru to warn 
everyone) came through and dropped the temps to low 40's.

I had a less than adequate sleeping bag that promptly got wet and spent the 
night trying to keep my body temp up. When you pop one of those hand warmers 
and put it between your feet and you can't feel it, this is a bad thing.

I ended up stuffing my hat with all my underwear and putting it on my head 
on my head and then layering my feet with socks and ziplock baggies and 
putting on every piece of clothing I had with me.

The result for me is that I now own way too much serious state of the art 
fabric gear designed to keep me warm through everything, and I've never been 
able to bring myself to pack a down sleeping bag.

OK, I've shown you mine.....

"Sweet Goat Mama"
Carolyn Eddy

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