[pct-l] Hike your own hike

Steve Fosdick hikin_steve at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 25 22:11:42 CDT 2008

I learned a lot about "Hike Your Own Hike" this year while hiking the PCT. As for me and my experience, the phrase really should be "Hike Your Own Hike Alone". I really couldn't hike MY hike while I was hiking with someone else, because I second I started hiking with someone, there was always compromises. I couldn't just stop in the middle of the afternoon, put up my tent and take a short nap. I had to take into consideration the feelings and desires of the other hiker(s).
Don't get me wrong ... I enjoyed being alone. Or maybe, when I'm being honest with myself, I really didn't need to hike as fast as the 20+ crowd was hiking. I liked to stop once in a while to take a picture, or to turn around and look back now and then. You really miss a lot of great views when you fail to stop and look back the other way. And since I'm not (trying to be) 20+ years, that's OK.
I had a great chuckle at Casa De Luna when a rather large group of hikers were sitting around relaxing in the front yard. A hiker shouted in a demanding voice to Bear to pull up his sagging shorts. He quickly replied "Hey, hike your own hike!"
Another time on the trail, I was trying to explain what the true meaning of the phrase was to non-thru hiker at Crater Lake while I was waiting for my turn to use the dryer at the campground. The best parallel phrase I could come up with was BYOB (bring your own beverage) ... find out what it is that gives you a "buzz" and bring it with you to the party. For me, it was being satisfied with hiking 18 miles per day rather than 23 or 24, taking lots of short breaks, stopping to pick and eat a handful of wild huckleberries, or taking the time to enjoy all the wonderful flowers!
I don't throw out the phrase "Hike Your Own Hike" as much as I used to, because I don't think others can really understand all that it means until they have spent a few months hiking on a trail, but that's just my own humble opinion :o)
O. (Oscar) Ikem Sofar


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