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Hiker97 hiker97 at aol.com
Mon Sep 29 03:36:45 CDT 2008

Desert Explorer Bill wrote: A couple days ago I was driving South on US 395 near Lone Pine, Ca where I saw 2 recumbent bike riders.  One was leg powered, while the other was arm powered.  I don't know if the arm powered one could also be leg powered.  A friend of mine has been riding a recumbent for many years.
Switchback replies: I am headed over to Lone Pine and the PCT at Tuolumne Meadows soon to do some hardcore hiking and camping.  If I see some recumbent bikers I will try to stop and ask them about this hobby.  There are a lot of places along the PCT that you could so some nice biking without being on the trail itself.

This might be a new form of Trail Magic.  Support hikers from your recumbent.  You could stay in a trailtown and peddle out to the trail and see if any hikers need some goodies.  I don't know why this sounds compatible, but may be it has something to do with leg power to get around like in hiking.  But I guess I should stick to my PCT hybrid Prius support vehicle and not get too carried away with all this.

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