[pct-l] April 1st Sierra Snow Conditions

Paul paul_c at tuxcnc.org
Wed Apr 1 04:07:56 CDT 2009

On Wednesday 01 April 2009, Tortoise wrote:
> Also the ADZ is an annual event for some hikers and trail angels.

Indeed - And it is about the only time of the year that you stand a chance of 
meeting the infamous couch pot^W^Wtrail pirate, Switchback ;)

> I went last year. Now I've been there and done that.

Me too.

> There are also some gear vendors at the ADZ and the vendors may have
> gear to sell there or just take orders. So you can spend money there and
> buy gear.

Although there were a small number of vendors in attendance, but there was 
little, if any, pressure to spend. I can understand the concerns that it 
could turn in to a Thru Wallet Expo - Until Mr W. Disney gets involved, I 
think those fears are (currently) unfounded. One very useful desk was manned 
by the USFS were they were issuing fire permits to any/everyone that asked 
(free as I recall).

As for the "herd effect", I agree, there is a small window of opportunity and 
the ADZ might aggravate the situation. However, there are a number of spots 
along the trail where herds can form.

> And so I've heard, there is a lot of partying by some of the attendees.

Nah.. There were too many people hiking out with the crack of Dawn.

Regards, Paul.

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