[pct-l] Chaffing Skin in the Desert

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If you are worried about chafing skin inside the thighs perhaps you could 
show more imagination or daring with your choice of clothing.
An increasing number of ladies are hiking in skirts and a few men have 
through-hiked in kilts. For the daring the old indian breach-clout could be 
an idea.
If these garments are worn without underpants you will get plenty of 
ventilation and chafing should be a minimum.

Ancient Brit

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> While packing my pack I started thinking about the chaffing I experienced 
> in
> the Desert.  I have hiked almost all of the PCT and nowhere else on the 
> will you experience such dry air as Southern CA and chaffing problems. 
> The
> inside of my thighs were rubbed raw by the seams of my zip-offs.  I wore
> bike shorts under my pants, and my light long johns inside out at night.
> The seams were too painful against my skin.

> Almost There...............Jollylopper

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