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Compression shorts and a healthy smathering of Body Glide is AWESOME.  I hurt bad after my first 100 mile ultra-marathon because I forgot to put the Body Glide on my butt crack.  I used it before the 2nd 100 miler I did and had zero chafing whatsoever.  You can buy it in stick form.  
I highly recommend it.

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I've had more than my fair share of chafing. Thunder thighs rubbing together
as well as irritation along the line where the legs meet the trunk. Like paper folded too many times until it breaks.
Throw in some sweat and some hot weather and you've got red, raw, weeping
and a long wait til everything crusts over, toughens and clears up. This usually 
happens sometime between days 2 to 4. I used to only use vaseline but I don't think it helps very much, only a little, on chronic cases when everything is stop sign red.
Luckily, I was hiking in Emigrant Wilderness with "Here's to Bill the dirty old dog, the slippery slimy slut, green matter grows between his toes and puss runs his butt"
and he gave me a 2 oz bottle of rubbing alcohol and a dozen cotton balls to completely
nuke the area. Of course you'll wind up bent over double in pain with your elbows on your
knees upon the first treatment. During the pain you must fixate that within 24 hours
you'll be out of the woods (no pun intended) with the situation. Apply treatment at the end of the day so you can heal thru the night. Repeat nightly it only hurts the first time. The alcohol and cottonballs are also good for dingleberry cleaning when the last shower was a week ago.
Sorry, if this is too much information, but I'd say it's worth it's weight in gold.
Comby bear

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