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yeh I agree...


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This may be useful…

Emergency 911 / “I’m OK” devices

SPOT vs. PLB (There are several important differences in the two Emergency
911 GPS devices.  

Weight:   Spot>7.3 oz (209 grams)      PLB>12 oz. (340 Grams)
Send for 911          Spot>Yes              PLB>Yes
Send “I’m Ok”        Spot>Yes              PLB>No       
Ask Help (friends)  Spot>Yes              PLB>No
Floats on Water     Spot>Yes              PLB>Yes

SPOT GPS Specs Link:
PLB (Terrafix) Specs link:

Here is my personal reasoning why I WILL be carrying a SPOT GPS device.   I
don’t wish to be “on a lease” or be dependent on technology.  However, I
asked myself:  Is my life worth $248 dollars? ($149 for SPOT device +$99 for
Annual subscription).  Is carrying an extra 7 oz. (less than ½ pound) worth
it if I could help save a fellow hiker’s life (or my own!) in remote area
where life hangs in the balance?  Obvious answer for me:  Yes.  It’s cheap
insurance.  And It’s awesome when you add in the capability to 1) send a
specific (Help or “Send next Resupply Box”) message to your Home Base (the
msg is set up before PCT) or 2) just send the occasional / weekly “I’m OK”
and Link to location on Google Maps or, 3) send for 911 help.  But I like
the purist’s ultra-light reasoning: Carry Only Absolutely Essential
equipment to get to Canada!  I struggled with this decision – It’s an
individual choice.

Miles Brandon 
(818) 486-4492


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