[pct-l] Emergency Spot GPS vs. PLB devices

Andrea Dinsmore zaqueltooocool at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 16:02:30 CDT 2009

I've been watching the comments about the Spot vs the other brands of
tracking beacons.
Some of hikers that have come through here were carrying the Spot so that
their families could watch their progress. I also watched some of the guys
and found it really interesting to follow them. You could zoom in and see
the lakes and trees of where they were hiking through or crashing for the
night. There was a line on the map that should the route taken. The beacons
aren't just for emergencies. Everyone seemed to be happy. One hiker did come
through who had fallen on his Spot and set off the 911 alert. I think Spot
was going to fix a safety cover to solve that problem. If my
son/husband/daughter/ was going to hike I would love it if they carried one
of these. That's just a Mom/wife's opinion.....but then.....having immediate
access to having your butt saved on the trail doesn't that take a little of
the independent charm out of hiking 2,650 miles on your own  ???


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