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OMG...This is really great!  I wanna know too...and I'm FROM the LEFT Coast!
Lmfao!  GREAT topic!


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     After reading about these Hiker Babe Female Terminator Chicks, I am
beginning to worry about my personal safety on the PCT.  Being from the
East Coast and more particularly, North Carolina, my point of reference is
the Southern Belle.  I have absolutely no experience with the Left Coast
Broad Breasted Hiker Babe.  I'm wondering more particularly if there are
places along the PCT where they band together and attack vulnerable hikers.
Being an older and slower hiker, if I encounter them on the trail, should I
resign myself to my fate or try to outrun them.  If caught, I could probably
give them the best thirty seconds they have ever had--course that time
includes the undressing and dressing--but it's quality time.  Should I brag
about that fact and risk attack.  Would they be likely to make you cook for
them.  I'm such a lousy cook, I fear what that outcome may be.  Are there
strategies of appeasement? 
Are there trade goods that they are interested in.  Like I said, postings
here on pct-l have made me real nervous.  Could individuals with experience
in dealing with the above please advise.
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