[pct-l] 2008 PCT DVD

Ryan Christensen yosemiteryan at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 2 02:24:29 CDT 2009

I just got done watching the '08 DVD. First, I would like to thank Tom and Jellybean for all the work they put into it. As the editor of the '06 DVD, I absolutely know how much time and effort it takes to put together one of these. 

Watching the '08 was a pure treat. Although I did not hike last year and I did not know most of the hikers who were pictured, I still can relate. Fuller Ridge, the Hikertown shower, Kennedy Meadows, that first view of the High Sierra.... it all still there. I can intimately relate the joys and struggles it takes to be there. 

One of the shared elements of all of the Class DVD's, from 2003 to 2008 is joy. We can see the joy that lights up so many faces. We feel it in the music and landscape. We experience it through the eyes of the hikers who captured it with their camera. 

I like the shorter format. Previous Class DVDs have been well over an hour long. This Class video is 40 minutes. 

Congratulations to Tom and Jellybean for making this happen- for continuing the tradition. 

Happy trails,


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