[pct-l] Totally unclear on the concept

Mark Liechty mlaccs at mlaccs.com
Thu Apr 2 10:14:29 CDT 2009

In less than 12 hours I will be picking up a couple of new friends at 
the Sacramento Airport where they will stay with my family tonight 
before we go off on Ned's winter camping, survival, training, Northern 
PCT Kickoff, adventure.

My wife is fixing Chicken Alfredo for dinner and will have it ready for 
us when we get home.   I was joking with her about what she is going to 
do if they don't like Chicken and she started coming up with solutions 
for about anything that they could toss at her. 

Then I reminded her that Amanda is a Lakers fan and may wear her gear.

My wife's response ...... "well then she can just sleep outside".       
Clearly after 21 years I still have work to do about what constitutes 
punishment and what a 5 month hike looks like.

Mark "Blankie" Liechty
mlaccs @ mlaccs . com

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