[pct-l] Yosemite April snow survey results

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There is a difference between snow that feel, as measured by remote sensors. and snow that is still 'stored' and available as snow pack. Last year we got reasonable snowfall but it melted early. Anyone know how fast the snow pack is melting this year? Looks kind of meager in the Sierra to me compared to how much fell.
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> Not sure where folks are getting that low % for Tuolumne Meadows

Here's the Apr 1 data for Tuolomne (12.02):

Here's the Apr 1 average (22.7):

Which is:
(12.02 / 22.7) * 100 = 52.9 %

I don't understand the huge descrepancy either. But if the automated sensors 
are off by that much, why bother? Maybe someone can shed some informed 
information on this?

Nothing like being on location for the real scoop. Thanks Goslowgofar for 
that info!

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