[pct-l] Online journalling questions

Postholer public at postholer.com
Thu Apr 2 17:53:35 CDT 2009

Someone else can speak to cell reception and reception frequency issues as I 
have no recent firsthand experience.

Here are answers to your other questions:

> Can someone point me to a journal that has photos taken by a
> smartphone or Blackberry?

The hiker known as 'Retro' keep her fantastic journal, with photos, using 
the Curve. You can view her PCT journal at:

The camera on the Curve does not take high res images and is not something 
you'd want to use for all your photos.

> Were you able to upload photos to your journals from the trail and if so,
> how could you do this? (I am bringing a digital camera.)

If you keep your journal at http://postholer.com you have 2 ways of updating 
your journal remotely:
+ by any email device, smartphone, blackberry, pocketmail, iPhone, etc. (1 
photo per emailed journal entry)
+ via the mobile version of postholer (http://postholer.com/mobi) using a 
smartphone with internet/wifi

Anywhere you have cell reception you can update your journal. Reception is 
the only restriction on how often you can update your journal. Plenty of 
folks did this years past and a bunch more are doing it this year, so you'll 
be in good company.

When you find yourself at a PC with a fast connection, then you'll want to 
upload more photos. The default is 5 per journal entry.

Take a peek at the help page for all the details:

Hope that helps,

Trails : http://Postholer.Com
Journals : http://Postholer.Com/journal
Mobile : http://Postholer.Com/mobi 

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