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You mean since the early 1900's and the person is Mulholland; old Jack is 
still with us.
And there's a bit more to it than simply suggesting stealing water.  But you 
got to hand it to 'em, they went and got it didn't they?  I imagine most 
folks here in the LA area just figure to turn the magic faucet and brush 
thier teeth, flush the turd or wash the car, and it's a small percentage who 
actually ramble along those beautiful Eastern Sierra glacial canyons that 
are the watershed of that faucet.  Better yet, when they take a wizz behind 
a tree at Mammoth do they realize they are being in there water supply, or 
have any idea how many folks are crapping in that water shed every summer? 
Glad they purify the system right?
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> A book I read, A Dangerous Place, states that the  normal flow of the Los
> Angeles River would only support a population of 250,000.  That's why LA 
> has
> been
> stealing water going back to the Jack Nicholson days  (Chinatown).
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