[pct-l] night hiking in the desert

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Thu Apr 2 22:05:15 CDT 2009

For what it's worth, each year is different in the weather.  Last year was so cold, that I was lucky to get warm during the day, never mind hiking at night.  That said, it might be hot this year.  Who knows.  I don't recall anyone night hiking to avoid heat last year.

I carry the Petzl Tikka.

The trail isn't always well marked.  Some times its easier to follow than others.

See you at the KO

Too Obtuse

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> Hi Folks,
> I'm a late entry into the class of '09.  Looking
> forward to meeting as 
> many of you as possible on the trail.  I've got a fair
> amount of 
> experience hiking in the sierras but very little in the
> desert.
> A was reading a journal that said many were hiking through
> the night to 
> avoid the heat.  I was planning on a siesta and hiking
> at twilight.  But 
> hadn't really considered the need for hiking many hours in
> the dark.
> So is this what most people do?  If so how well is the
> trail marked in 
> these areas.  I was planning on taking only a photon
> rex, which can be 
> bright enough for night hiking on well marked trails, but
> only has 
> enough battery power to do that for a couple hours. 
> Are most people 
> taking larger headlamps for hiking through the night?
> Anything else I should be aware of in the desert, besides
> keeping well 
> hydrated?
> Thanks for your help,
> nia (aka giggles)
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