[pct-l] rats in your pack!!!

Stephen reddirt2 at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 2 23:06:10 CDT 2009

I would imagine an Ursack would solve this problem.  I've only had minor 
problems with some chewing on my stuff sack and the mouseys seem to like to 
chew the silicone rubber on the handles of my cook pot, but I think I'm 
going to use an Ursack this summer myself.  Just my two cents eh...
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> On Thursday 02 April 2009 18:00:36 Claudia wrote:
>>   How do you keep the small rodents from getting into your food, while in
>> camp at night? we've lost our food more than once on the trail!  Gretel
> If your not in bear canister country, just hang it in a tree off a branch. 
> or
> sleep with it.
> Gary
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