[pct-l] night hiking in the desert

Josh 559josh at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 01:59:38 CDT 2009

MAN!!! I wish I could go!  Damn finances right now! :(

What's UR planned path?  When U planning on going/returning?

UR not anywhere near Fresno, R U???


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Hello from a longtime list-lurker.

Let me just say you meet the most interesting folks driving around on the
Aqueduct at 1 am. I'm glad they live in Antelope Valley instead of my
neighborhood. (Spent a nervy few minutes playing "tag" with a 4WD truck
yahoo who enjoyed pinning me in the deer-in-the-headlights sense, with his
high beams.)

With that said, I'm headed back out on the Aqueduct this weekend. The
forecast from there through to Walker Pass includes: Gale force winds. 40
percent chance of rain. Possibility of snow above 5K. And nightime lows of
28. Mmmmmmm .... Anyone care to join me?

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