[pct-l] night hiking in the desert

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Lmfao...that's funny stuff.

Hiking with a half-full moon or more is really the way to go.  I've gone on
quite a few full-moon night-hikes...there was almost no need for a
flashlight AT ALL.  Made me wish I would have still had my Nikon 35mm camera
instead my little Sony Digital Camera though!  Sadly my digital just can't
capture the beauty of a night sky or skyline. :(


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All this talk of night hiking - Switchback must be busy buccaneering
somewhere or else he would have posted a link for you to see/print out
monthly moon phases...

Here's a good one for planning your night hiking to be aided by the
Maybe the moonlight will help you see all those mountain lions, too...  ;-)

Happy trails!!!
Jim / PITA
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