[pct-l] SuperSecrets of Backpacking - Vitamin E Oil

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Fri Apr 3 09:19:34 CDT 2009

Sorry about the first post try.

I have recommended Bag Balm in the past for your dry rough skin, especially your feet out on the trail.? I now revise that to vitamin E oil.? I get mine at Trader's Joe.? This is really neat stuff.? It is a lot more easily used on the trail than the balm.? You can put it in a micro bottle and you are set.? Plus it only takes a very small amount in your hand to do your feet.? So, you get your hands covered too.? Neat.? Trust me this the way to go unless you are allergic to it.? It works more than great.

Also, the new edition of Rhythm of the Trail is coming along great.? Get your limited edition copy at the Lake Morena Kickoff.

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