[pct-l] Class of 2008 DVD is online on bittorrent

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Not sure what you mean by "extract the iso file or "mount" the iso to play it."

I start the VLC player program...
Click on "Media"...
Click on "Open File"...
Go to folder where the PCT2008.iso file is located...
Change "Files of type" to "All Files (*)"...
Then double-click on the "PCT2008.iso" icon...
Voila - it plays just like it's a DVD in the drive with all the familiar controls of DVD playback...

The above might sound like a lot of 'manipulation' - but I can start playing the .iso file faster than inserting the DVD I burnt and having it
automatically start...  Then I simply let it play the intro "Orange Sky" for a few minutes  ;-)  while I check email, then I select the "Play Movie"
or "Scene Selection" depending on my mood and time available to watch...

See if that might work for you on your PC...

Happy trails!!!
Jim / PITA

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I am a PC'er and loaded the VLC Player to check it out. It does not play an
iso file directly on a PC. You must either extract the iso file or "mount"
the iso to play it.
I use a free utility called Virtual
CloneDrive(http://www.slysoft.com/en/virtual-clonedrive.html) to mount the
iso. This allow you to see the iso as if you put a DVD into a drive. Then
just play like any other DVD.


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> So I downloaded the file but I'm not sure what program to watch it with?
> Anybody want to clue in a newb..

See previous post,
Once you download the VLC player, run it and select the PCT2008.iso file...
You could also burn the .iso image to DVD (with DVD burning software) - then
watch it with the VLC player on your computer (by burning a DVD you can also

watch it on your TV if you have a DVD player there)...

Hope that helps.  Happy trails!!!
Jim / PITA

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