[pct-l] Cougar Territory Sighting

AsABat AsABat at 4Jeffrey.Net
Fri Apr 3 12:08:57 CDT 2009

I've told this before I'm sure but for those new...

I've had two encounters with mountain lions in the wild. Well, the first
was having one run across the road at night while driving past the
cemetary near my house. It was a beautiful cat, although I only saw it for
a few seconds.

The second I didn't see, but it sure saw me. I was camping in the open
near Lost Valley. Around 2 in the morning a horse came running through
camp making lots of loud whinnying. I was sure I'd be trampled, so I
rolled as close to the nearby tree as I could and curled up. In the
morning my sleeping bag was surrounded by fresh cougar tracks. Being blind
without my contacts I never saw it.

I did also follow one on a trail once not far from Barrel Spring, fresh
tracks on snow that had fallen within the hour, fresh kill along the way,
not sure why I keep going, with every twig snap having me turn and look,
but never did see it.


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