[pct-l] alcohol (stove) bottle size for a thru-hike.

Kent Spring kjssail at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 3 13:03:36 CDT 2009

Hi Julian -
I am sure someone else with more alcohol stove experience will give you better 
details, but I was shocked (shocked!!!) to find out the best bottle to use to carry 
alcohol is an empty plastic Coke (or other soda pop) bottle.  Just make sure 
you mark it, so someone doesn't confuse it with water.  Of course, a HEET bottle 
will work, but it is not as easy to see how much is left.

>Simple question for past thru-hikers... What size alcohol (denatured/HEET)
>container did you end up taking? I'm planning on an 8oz bottle. Will this
>cover me between most esupply sources on a thru-hike? That translates to
>roughly 11 days with my stove give or take.


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