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FINALLY someone on here who gets what I was saying!

Oh...and that 1st story with the 61yo guy, they should put THAT on "Ax-men"!
Yeah, I know that guy was in the paper industry or whatever, but still! Lol

Isn't Kernville (the #2 story) only about 35 or 40 miles west of the PCT?

I've hiked with a gun quite a few times and while I couldn't care less what
others might have thought, U do get people's attn really quickly. Lol  I've
NEVER used any of my guns on a HIKE so they are quite useless and HEAVY!
Someone mentioned "time to load it" in an earlier message...I'm not sure Y
ANYONE would carry a gun and NOT have it loaded already! Lmfao

I would NEVER go into the outdoors without a pocket knife...matter of fact,
I rarely leave my house without one...but I wonder how many hikers there are
who don't carry one for whatever reason.


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Personally, I never leave the house without a good knife close at hand, much
less go into the wilderness. A knife is at the top of my list of essential
survival tools. 

You'll probably never use it for anything but cutting cheese. But sometimes
shit happens, and when it does a knife can save your butt. And there really
isn't any sacrifice in carrying one, if you choose the right kind of knife. 

It's not like a gun which is basically useless, too heavy to be practical,
sometimes illegal, and scares people who see it. A small knife is
lightweight, unobtrusive, and more socially accepted than guns, and far more
effective in close quarters.

The best kind of knife for hiking is a skeletonized fixed blade knife in a
kraton sheath. These are used by climbers and divers because they can be
strapped or hooked within arms reach and drawn in an emergency situation,
with one hand, very quickly... and they are very lightweight (I have one
made by Columbia that weighs only 3 ounces). 

If you think a man armed with a knife couldn't possibly stand a chance
against a mountain lion read these three articles. These people were
attacked by lions and thwarted the attack with just a knife. Two of them
actually killed the lion.




-Erik The Black

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