[pct-l] alcohol (stove) bottle size for a thru-hike.

David Thibault dthibaul07 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 14:31:21 CDT 2009

Funny,  I use a Square Fiji bottle for my fuel and regular soda bottles for
water.  Maybe we should avoid hiking together (LOL).

I originally tried to write FUEL in big letters on the bottle but the
alcohol has a way of erasing the writing after a few uses.   I guess I'm
just careful and people don't usually share bottles.  I've heard of someone
accidentally taking a drink from a soda bottle that contained alcohol fuel
on the AT.  They didn't swallow enough (if any) to do harm - the taste will
wake you up pretty quick.  You'd be amazed how quick someone can spit.


> Josh Wrote:
> I know I don't need to defend his original post or methodology at all, but
> I
> just want to remind people what he said:
> "I use a square bottle (maybe Fiji) for my water.
> I use a Strangely shaped (Squirt) bottle for my Alcohol.  This way I know
> the difference with my eyes closed."
> I'd surmise that not too many backpackers share water bottles so marking UR
> HEET, while might be a good idea, is prob unnecessary if using his method
> or

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