[pct-l] 60 recent miles of section A

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Where is the link to Monty's pics???

Love the pic of the Manzanita Grove with the whitewashed tops over the leafy
bottoms!  And the few pics of the Cactus Blooms were beautiful too!

As far as UR Snake Q, refer to this link:
Desert Rosy Boa & Mojave Patch-nosed Snakes maybe?  They spelled Mojave
wrong on that website lol.


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I did much the same thing.

I like my photos better :-)


The bloom between Barrel Spring and Warner Springs is excellent, really
recommend checking it out if you can.  One could drive to within a fraction
of a mile of the PCT at Eagle Rock, and then walk out to it.  The flowers
are quite intense in that area.

On 4/2/09, montypct <montypct at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just got home from hiking 60 miles of Section A Here's some photos 
> of my northbound progression.
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