[pct-l] Night hiking and rodents in food, p.s.

David Thibault dthibaul07 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 14:40:37 CDT 2009

 About 10 yrs ago I was on Rte 2 about 2 miles from Baden-Powell Trail head
(Vincent Gap I think it is called) as I was hiking Baden-Powell that day.  I
remember it was the 4th of July weekend and there was still some snow on
trail.  I had a mountain lion run across the road in front of my car.

A truely amazing site.  I'd love to see another sometime.  If I did this
year I am sure it would be one of the highlights of my Thru.


> Mark Wrote:
> On a friendlier note, even though i've never heard of anyone first-hand
> who's encountered a mountain lion on the PCT, somebody said last year that
> the most common place to see them on the trail is the Marble Mountains in
> NoCal.  Can anyone confirm this as true?

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