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That's a fairly vague reference...and prob only deals with CA...where is has
been ILLEGAL to HUNT Cougars since 1990's Prob 117...and this is the reason
for the increasing population of the creature and their steadily increasing
level of human encounters.  I'm pretty sure that only Contracted Hunters are
allowed to hunt them...and these are in instances of rabies, or attack, or
violent confrontations, etc where the DFG or NPS, etc has deemed an animal a

I was under the impression that people have done the most deliberate damage
to wildlife populations before we became so environmentally-minded.  I'd
recommend a review of the following link:


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> "...more lions are hunted down now than at any time in history."  
> Where is this coming from???
> J/W,
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> The lion attack report page also showed pretty convincingly that 
> hunting rules from state to state and era to era have had absolutely 
> no impact on mountain lion behavior towards humans.  And that with 
> various special use permits and hunting down "problem" lions, more 
> lions are hunted down now than at any time in history.
> If you've seen Yosemite bears at work, you can see how cubs "learn" 
> human interaction from watching their mamas.  It doesn't work that way 
> for mountain lions, apparently, and that makes sense to me.
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