[pct-l] Lion (not the mountain variety) Encounters on the PCT

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Some factoids about Shambala . . . Roar Foundation was founded by Tippi
Hedren, who, amongst her many lifetime accomplishments, starred in Alfred
Hitchcock's "The Birds".

If you take the Metrolink Train between Santa Clarita and
Palmdale/Lancaster, you go right past Shambala and can see the lions,
tigers, and elephants.  

It's a local rumor that a leopard escaped a few years ago, and is running
wild someone in the local mountains.  No idea of it's factual, but without
any escapees, we have plenty of sightings of bobcats and mountain lions, and
occasionally even bears.


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Last year I camped near the power lines just north of Soledad Canyon
Road (around mile 446). Darkness brought the sound of periodic
ROARing.  Hmmm...the map does say I'm in or near Bobcat Canyon, but
this sounds like...more.

Turned out that this place is somewhere nearby -

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