[pct-l] Mountain lions and hunting

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Please stop emailing me.  I respond to the list only when you send your message to the list.  If someone does not have the list in their "to" or "cc" field, it's obvious that email isn't meant for the list.

You were sending messages to the list, then seperate ones to me calling me out.  Then i responded to you, and you copied my response in a message to the list.   If you don't get what's wrong with that, i can't help anymore.  

I've backed up all my statements in my posts to the list.  Nobody else is calling for further documentation beyond what i've already given, and i'm not inclined to waste any more time on this for you.

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> Not sure how U can call it stupid considering that all of
> the past
> conversations were included in my post.  Sounds to me like
> you didn't
> appreciate being called on your statement which I am still
> waiting/looking
> for to find a documented reference.
> The reason that I posted to the Server is that the link I
> included is quite
> pertinent to the direction that the initial post has taken.
> As far as 15 messages in 15hrs...how many of those were
> btwn the 2 of us
> solely and not as the part of the online
> "conversation"???  2...3???  I
> sincerely have no interest in "talking to you" as
> an individual...if I did,
> then I would have given you my phone #...but as long as
> PCT-I is
> running...and I come across posts that spark my interest, I
> will continue to
> reply as I see fit.  As the professor that you are, I'm
> not sure why
> conversing civilly rubs you the wrong way anyway.
> <confused>
> Here's another link regarding CA DFG:
> http://www.dfg.ca.gov/publications/docs/history.pdf
> 2008 CA Hunting Regulation:
> http://www.dfg.ca.gov/regulations/08-09-wf-uplnd-lands-regs.pdf
> The ONLY reference to Mountain Lions: 251.5--Possession of
> Live Mountain
> Lions
> 1972 to 2007 Chart of Lions Killed under Depredation
> Permits:
> http://www.dfg.ca.gov/news/issues/lion/dep-lions-killed.html
> Posted by Georgi/FireFly:
> "Correct...in CA, they're protected by law. 
> Contracted hunters are allowed,
> tho they usually track with dogs that tree the cat so they
> stand no chance
> of escape, which, unless there's been an attack on a
> human that requires a
> hunt down and destroy decision, seems somewhat
> unsportsmanlike.  Ranchers
> are supposed to get a deprivation permit if livestock is
> being taken, but
> most ranchers tend to not wait, and take a 'shoot first
> and bury
> immediately' attitude if they're lucky enough to
> spot the offending cat when
> they've a rifle in hand.  This makes sense to me...they
> may never get
> another chance.  Most ranchers around here don't keep
> hunting/tracking dogs,
> mostly working herd dogs that may try to protect livestock
> and become
> victims themselves.  A good herd dog is worth hundreds of $
> and are prized
> by their owners.
> FireFly"
> Legally, dogs cannot be used to carry-out depredation
> permit kills...maybe
> they can by Govt. Contracted Hunters.  Not sure there.  If
> I was a rancher &
> I saw one (cougar, bear, whatever) attacking something of
> mine, I'd shoot
> 1st & sort things out later too!
> And while I agree that it may be unsportsmanlike, I kinda
> like that fact
> insomuch that while there's a part of me that feels
> that the cougar should
> have a fighting chance at survival, there's the other
> part of me that feels
> that since we (the rest of us) can't hunt them,
> it's shouldn't be "fun" for
> the permit holders either...if that made any sense. Lol
> Josh
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> Josh, when i'm emailing a reply to you personally,
> it's really stupid and
> inappropriate to copy it on a reply to the listserv. 
> Please leave me alone.
> I've received something like 15 emails from you in 15
> hours now.
> My sources are easily found from googling mountain lion
> attack statistics.
> I trust them over your word.


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