[pct-l] Lion (not the mountain variety) Encounters on the PCT

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Fri Apr 3 18:17:09 CDT 2009

UR one of the lucky ones! J/K

What eagle is the "Great Eagle"?  Golden Eagle maybe?  "Trail Pirates"?


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On Saturday 04 April 2009, patti kulesz wrote:
> man everyone gets to have fun ...I have NEVER seen anything but 
> squirrels...ok I lied I saw some Marmots on Donahue a few years 
> ago...but thats it....I want some action! LOL I hike and camp alone 
> ALOT and never see anything...I've even looked for the critters when 
> there has been sightings and NOTHING! what the heck?

Lemme think....Seen black bears on five different occasions, marmots
aplenty, porcupine, wild turkey, great eagle, snakes galore, Switchback, and
other trail pirates. But no big cats.

Tread lightly, keep your eyes open, and listen to the wind - The wildlife is
out there.

Regards, Paul.
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