[pct-l] alcohol (stove) bottle size for a thru-hike.

Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Fri Apr 3 23:04:34 CDT 2009

Never under estimate the power of stupidity, etcetera to cause problems.

If a fuel bottle looks like a water bottle, even though it is labeled or 
marked so you clearly know what it is, someone will not pay attention 
and take a swig.

Using a listerine bottle or some other bottle originally used for a 
non-drinkable liquid is a wise precaution.

I used to carry my white gas stove fuel in a red Sigg bottle. I've had 
to tell a person that it contained fuel and was not my drinking water 
even though the bottle was clearly labeled.  I've heard of a hiker 
picking up someone else's plain Sigg bottle containing fuel and taking a 
swig thinking the bottle was his.

A Listerine bottle would probably deter most people. Anything that is 
not a reused beverage bottle and does not resemble a beverage bottle is 
far better.


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Donna Saufley wrote:
> I like using squarish mouthwash bottles (i.e., Listerine).  They come in
> different sizes (which I use for differing lengths of trip and fuel needs),
> have lids that really lock on so leakage has not been a problem, and those
> with the right type of cap also serves as a measuring implement.  Since the
> shape is nothing like my Aquafina water bottles, I have never confused them.
> Spilled them, yes. Confused them, no.  All the same, I put black tape around
> the fuel bottle so that others would stop to investigate before drinking.  
> L-Rod
> -

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