[pct-l] Warner ranch new PCT rates

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Sat Apr 4 15:45:48 CDT 2009

My experience last month:

   - $74 for a single -- assuming you have a reservation or they have
   vacancies.   But there is a $10 resort tax.  If one does not bring this up
   when checking in your bill may be $74 + $10.  However, one can be checked in
   at $64 and then I was told "the computer will add the additional $10 tax" =
   - $99 if you share with another hiker -- assuming you have a reservation
   or they have vacancies.    Again, your bill may be $99 + $10 if you do not
   make an inquiry about whether the bill includes the $10 resort tax when
   checking in.  We were told when checking out that we had to pay the
   (additional) $10 resort tax because of "the computer. . . . "
   - When checked in, your room ID slip includes a $5 off "coupon" at the
   Anza Dinning room.  Burgers with fries were $8.25 - $9.50 and the other
   entrees much more.


   - only one functional computer with internet access in a small room in
   the area of the Anza Dinning room.
   - the pay phone outside the Anza Dinning room (ie before entering "the
   lodge") does not work. I was told the only other payphone was at the
   Mini-Mart.   However, if one has a calling card, there are two phones down
   the hall from the Anza Dinning room in an alcove adjacent to the bathrooms.
   Dial "9" for an outside dial tone; then use your calling card numbers.
   Unlike a payphone, there is no $.95 surcharge tacked on to your calling card
   charge with this protocol.  The phone on the right seemed to have a better
   connection than the phone on the left.


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> Warner Ranch  (PCT mile #110)  has changed their PCT hiker discount rate to
> $74 per night.
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