[pct-l] Obsessing over the trail again

Eric Lee saintgimp at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 5 00:28:27 CDT 2009

It's that time of year again, when I start my yearly ritual of obsessing
over the trail.  It's all the fault of the folks who put together the Class
of 2008 DVD - I watched it yesterday and immediately got that far-away
dreamy look in my eyes.  Sigh.  There ought to be a warning label or
something on that thing.

I was up at Snoqualmie Pass today, snowshoeing with my daughter.  We've had
multiple feet of new snow up there over the past few days, but today was
sunny and warm and all the snow was melting and dripping and falling
(kerplumph!) off the trees.  It definitely sounded like spring.  The Family
Pancake House was literally *buried* under snow but there were streams of
water running off the roof.  I kept thinking about the thru-hikers who are
starting down south over the next few weeks and how all that snow will be
long gone by the time they get here.

I've started poring over the journal web sites again.  I need help.  My wife
says it may be time for an intervention.  :-)


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