[pct-l] Obsessing over the trail again

Stephen reddirt2 at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 5 00:35:10 CDT 2009

Uh huh,
And you wonder why I call my bathroom the Map Room?  Planned more hikes at 
rest than anywhere else...
Out rambling I look for a good room with a view...
'nough said eh?
Enjoy your affliction, embrace it.
I'm Stephen and I'm a treckaholic
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> It's that time of year again, when I start my yearly ritual of obsessing
> over the trail.  It's all the fault of the folks who put together the 
> Class
> of 2008 DVD - I watched it yesterday and immediately got that far-away
> dreamy look in my eyes.  Sigh.  There ought to be a warning label or
> something on that thing.
> I was up at Snoqualmie Pass today, snowshoeing with my daughter.  We've 
> had
> multiple feet of new snow up there over the past few days, but today was
> sunny and warm and all the snow was melting and dripping and falling
> (kerplumph!) off the trees.  It definitely sounded like spring.  The 
> Family
> Pancake House was literally *buried* under snow but there were streams of
> water running off the roof.  I kept thinking about the thru-hikers who are
> starting down south over the next few weeks and how all that snow will be
> long gone by the time they get here.
> I've started poring over the journal web sites again.  I need help.  My 
> wife
> says it may be time for an intervention.  :-)
> Eric
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