[pct-l] The water issue

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sun Apr 5 11:53:38 CDT 2009

Water, like air, should be a state or national resource, not a private asset and should be 
available to all according to need, not according to how close to it you happen to reside.

It has been my opinion for some time that if anything is going to split California into two 
states (Northern California & Southern California), it will be this water issue mentality
"since I'm closest to it it belongs to me, not you".
And when the vegetable fields in Southern & Central California run dry our northern brothers,
who fancy our veggies, will have to graze in the meadows to get their veggies, or trade their 
water for our veggies.

Yum, yum, these are our veggies, grow your own veggies.

JMT Reinhold

Brick wrote:

>  On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 1:19 PM, Georgi Heitman <bobbnweav at gmail.com <http://mailman.backcountry.net/mailman/listinfo/pct-l>> wrote:
>/  A book I read, A Dangerous Place, states that the  normal flow of the Los
/>/ Angeles River would only support a population of 250,000.  That's why LA has
/>/ been stealing water going back to the Jack Nicholson days  (Chinatown).
"Stealing Water" is a complicated concept. Few of us have natural
creeks flowing across our properties, and if we do, when we take a
drink, are we "stealing" from someone down stream?

When my Bay Area smug-holier-than-thou friends talk about So-Cal
"stealing water" I answer with two words:

"Hech Hechy"

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