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Sun Apr 5 13:19:13 CDT 2009

I spent a lovely day with Georgi and Denny Heitman yesterday in Old Station. Glorious drive over via Hwy. 89. Both Lassen and Shasta were magnificent as always.

While there we got into a conversation about whether the state of the economy being what it is, lousy, would there be more thrus and section hikers this year, or less. Any comments?

Also, (wondering if I may already have my answer) wanted again before the adz to remind all you hikers that our home is open to you as you pass thru true northern CA: Castle Crags; Scott Mtn Summit; Etna Summit and Seiad Valley. If you need assistance or are taking a zero in/around Dunsmuir/Mt.Shasta, give me a ring and we'll do anything for you possible. 530-905-0507. That includes a room, bath, computer, TV, washer/dryer and all the beer and soft drinks you want along with home cooked food. All at the extended foot of Mt. Shasta. I left some cards with Georgi and gave her the full scoop as to what we can offer.

Enjoy the coming/arrival of spring. 18 degrees here two nights ago. Wonderful sun during the days. Pulled weeds this a.m.

are we there yet

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