[pct-l] trail angeling

Carolyn Eddy ECPG at peoplepc.com
Sun Apr 5 14:28:08 CDT 2009

If you need assistance near Portland Oreogn, or on the trail from Ollalie 
Lake to Stable tore area just past Cascade Locks. let me know and I'll send 
you my contact info. I can supply rides to and from PDX and other parts of 
Portland, and emergency help and  a place to pitch a tent and take a zero 
day or two if you need a layover in Portland.

I will be gone till fourth of July hiking myself but around after that. I 
will be in the Warner Mountains in northern California with the goats 
helping to carry out the remains of an abandoned pot farm. We have been 
assured there is no pot left.

"Sweet Goat Mama"
Carolyn Eddy

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