[pct-l] Deer Springs Trail Into Idyllwild

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I believe that most PCT hikers get to Saddle Junction, look at the 2.5 miles down Devils Slide and are hoping to hitch a ride to town at Humber Park. If they fail it's a miserable road stumble to town. 

Otherwise it's another 4.2 miles to Strawberry Junction where you would leave the PCT and take Deer Springs 4.3 miles to Hwy 243. It's less than a mile from there to town.

I suppose trail condition and steepness is subjective but I always considered Deer Springs to be a well maintained and relatively mellow trail.


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>From my recollection, last year, we considered using the Deer Springs Trail
to get back up to the PCT when there was a fire that shut down 40 miles of
trail forcing us to road walk from Paradise Cafe to Idyllwild.  The general
concensus from town folk was that the Deer Springs trail was narrow, steep,
and not well maintained.  Thankfully, the Devil's slide trail opened up and
we were able to go that route.

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> Any thoughts on why the Deer Springs trail is not the "preferred" path into
> Idyllwild for PCT hikers? (California Section B)
> phil
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