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I recently purchased the Six Moons Traveler. My original intent was to use
it for shorter trips, 3-4 days, assuming that it would not ride. However,
it has sufficient capacity is comfortable enough to handle longer trips and
higher loads.

I recently returned from a week on the Grand Enchantment Trail. We did
about 90 miles. The pack performed flawlessly. I started with weight of
about 26-27 pounds, and it was quite comfortable, especially considering
its a sub-2 pound pack.

Unfortunately my experience is not long-term, so I don't know if the above
helps you. Based on my limited use and visual inspection of the pack, my
sense is that it is sufficiently rugged to handle a thur hike. I plan on
using it for the JMT this summer.


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Hey all,

Does anyone here have experience with any of the Six Moon Designs packs? If
so, how are they? How do they hold up? Would you recommend them for a thru?

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