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Hello Donna.  Great to hear from you.   
We still show the video
once in a while and always have very fond memories of you and your
husband and the great burgers and welcome.

I have a friend doing
the PCT this year (Diamond Dave) and i am hoping to join him for part
of it although it will be up around Tahoe i think. 

Don't know if you know it but, i live in Thailand now (since 2003) and have a 3 1/2 year old son (Thai wife)
I'll attach a picture.

I'm mainly playing music here and working my e-commerce business in the mornings.    

luck with the upcoming hiker season.   
 I miss hiking quite a bit but
my son has taken over and is now the passion in my life.

Take care, fiddlehead

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> Hey, Fiddlehead!  Good to hear from you again. I'll never forget that I
> thought you were really a rock star incognito on the trail. Don't worry
> about getting flamed . . . you could say the sky is blue and get an argument
> on a mail list!  
> L-Rod (the hiker host occasionally known as Donna Saufley)
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> Hello, my first post under my new login  (forgot my password for the old
> one)
> I hiked the PCT many years ago.  
> I have made up a quiz which is basically my thoughts on what is important
> (or not) in learning or honing hiking skills.
> I put it out on the AT forum and got flamed pretty hard by some of the
> newbie's there.
> I
> would like to put it on this forum and see if there is any difference
> in the attitudes towards it, scores (if you care to post your results),
> and any comments.    
> Feel free to say what you think.  I'm a big boy and can take it.
> Here is the link to my blog and the quiz:
> http://fiddlehead.wordpress.com/2009/03/30/rate-your-hiking-ability/
> thanks everyone, fiddlehead
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