[pct-l] Sierra snow report-Echo Summit

Jo Pegrum Hazelett joph at piedmontbsa.org
Mon Apr 6 11:02:37 CDT 2009

Hi Ned,

You probably don't remember us, but Kerry, Mr. Cody (the giant border
collie) and I went out with you in 2005 and learned lot. This past weekend
we went just south of Echo Summit with a group of teenagers to Upper Benbow

I was somewhat alarmed to see quite a bit of granite poking through the snow
at a little over 7,000 feet. Am I wrong in thinking it's a bit early for the
mountains to be showing? Since we're in a drought here in Northern
California it's a bit worrisome that the snow pack seems to be melting so


Ned wrote:
Just a brief comment (for now) on the snow level at Echo, having just 
returned from another fantastic Snow Course Trip.

There's about 6 feet out in the open in Desolation. Classic Spring skiing. 
Daytime temps around 60; nighttime in the teens. Three weeks ago there was 
about 10 feet of snow at the docks on lower Echo. The aspens outside my 
house in South Lake Tahoe are budding out. The weather calls for more snow 
this week... Typical April in the mountains of Ca..


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