[pct-l] Loin sightings

Georgi Heitman bobbnweav at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 12:09:25 CDT 2009

Never seen at cat up here at The Hideaway at Old Station
either, tho we know one was 'working' the area that includes the trail and
the resort where hikers leave the trail to reach the P.O. and the Hideaway a
couple of years back.  Our signs cautioning hikers were still up last year,
I think...look for a saber toothed tiger, it was the closest thing to a
cougar picture I could find.  So they're out there.
Like you, we're more apt to be attacked by a hummer or a black bird.  The
black birds because we've ventured too close to their nests at hatching
time, the hummers because we're between them and the nearest feeder, a
dangerous place to be.
I agree entirely with your last paragraph, knives are useful, they open
things, slice things, and as read in a post somewhere here recently, can
become a weapon that can make a difference in surviving or not.  But, the
greater risk is on the highway, tho please remember, you out-of-staters who
plan to drive at some point in CA, both chatting and texting on cell phones
is illegal in this state.  Talking's O.K. if you're over 21 and are using a
Bluetooth or something else that allows you to have both hands on the
wheel.  Take care please, both on and off the trail.  We'd like you to all
arrive at the Hideaway in one piece!

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