[pct-l] Hiking Quiz

AsABat AsABat at 4Jeffrey.Net
Mon Apr 6 14:08:12 CDT 2009

I was surprised to score a 52 even though I've only section hiked, never
river rafted, and my foreign travel consists of Tecate (the town, not the
beer). I suspect it's from doing many "adventurous" things when I was
younger and invincible. Deep rivers? Check. Self arrest for real? Check.
Homemade gear? Does a homemade ice axe count? :-) (It sorta worked until
it broke. Yeah, like I said, I thought I was invincible. The quiz was fun,
not sure what it actually proves though. Oh, it left out lightning strikes
on passes where you heard the thunder before you saw the flash. Thanks,


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