[pct-l] Sierra snow report-Echo Summit

Mark Liechty mlaccs at mlaccs.com
Mon Apr 6 15:44:19 CDT 2009

ned at pacificcrestcustombuilders.com wrote:
> Just a brief comment (for now) on the snow level at Echo, having just 
> returned from another fantastic Snow Course Trip.

Thanks again to all for the great weekend.  Stephen and I really learned 
a lot and except for the lesson in severe sunburn are none the worse for 

I was very concerned that we would not "fit in" since we are not yet 
close to the level of experience that is demonstrated on this list.  
Turns out we are not in bad shape at all and with a few gear adjustments 
and a lot more practice have hope of joining many of you on the trail.

I would strongly urge any who have a chance to take one of Ned's 
classes.  He did an amazing job of explaining things in as complex a 
manner as needed for those who cared about the science then quickly 
changing gears to make it make sense for those of use with small brains 
while keeping all interested.  Not something that can be done by many 

Thanks again, I look forward to seeing the pictures and hopefully seeing 
some of you out on the trail.

Mark "Blankie" Liechty
mlaccs @ mlaccs . com

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