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When I lived in So Cal we had a cabin at Lake Arrowhead, and I did many
hikes to the hot springs of Deep Creek. It was an, uh, interesting crowd
that frequented the springs. Most hike down from Bowen Ranch, so its fairly
easy to get to. Which of course means, you get plenty of leathery drinkers.
In fact, in summer it could look like they are shooting an episode of
"America's Most Wanted."

I usually went during the winter months. There is nothing like a cold hike
that ends with a nice au natural soak along a beautiful creek.

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> No wonder Diane, you have been peeking at the wrong guys.
> You see, not all guys are created equal....some are tall, some are  
> short, some are fat, some are
> skinny and some are aaahhh, uuuhhhh hung lower than others.

And the ones who spend too much time at Deep Creek are quite  
leathery. This is not attractive.

Nevertheless, I napped in the shade right next to the guy. I figured  
it was his habitat so I made myself at home the same way I do in  
other creatures' habitats on the trail. Then I made sure to look the  
other way or keep my eyes shut. He went about his leathery hot spring  
dude business as if I wasn't there, which is to say, he just stood  
around drinking.

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