[pct-l] Mailing labels

jomike at cot.net jomike at cot.net
Wed Apr 8 12:36:04 CDT 2009

I think the correct would be simply Burney. But not to worry, it will certainly get there either way it's addressed.

are we there yet

I noticed a discrepancy between the PCTA mailing label address and the one listed in Yogi's Handbook for Burney Falls SP. The PCTA label is listed as:

Burney Park Camp Store
McArthur Burney Falls State Park
24900 State Highway 89
Burney Falls, CA 96013

Yogi's guide has the same street address and zip code, but lists the town as Burney, not Burney Falls. Is one way right or does it not really matter if the street address and zip code are correct? Thanks for your input.


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