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Georgi Heitman bobbnweav at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 23:48:04 CDT 2009

Trust Yogi on this one guys....Burney Falls St Park and it's Camp Store is
on Highway 89.  The town of Burney is on highway 299, a world apart where
packages and letters are concerned.
BUT, there are good and bad sides to everything.
The good news about sending a package to BFSP is that you're going there
anyway...the bad news is that it'll cost you $5.00 to collect each parcel
and last year at least, $3.00 for each letter, I assume this includes

The good news about sending to Burney, the town of, is that there's no fee
at the P.O., the bad side is the somewhat nasty commute from the trailhead
into Burney (the town of).  The trail crosses 299 at a rather dicey place on
the highway, just below the crest of a hill, and cars are flying when they
go thru that stretch.  So, don't dawdle (as my mom used to say) crossing
there.  Hitches at that particular location are hard as well,  because of
the speed, the trail location, the fact that there's no shoulder to speak
of, and, because of the hill, drivers don't see hitchers til they've gone
past.  If you MUST go to town from there, walk down the hill to the Cassel
Rd, Sand Pit Rd, 299 intersection.
But a still better solution would be to hike on into Burney Falls St. Pk.
and check in with Shirley, the Park-Ranger-come-Trail Angel that works at
the check-in kiosk, or Jason, another Pk. Ranger there.  Shirley especially,
is very good at being able to find hikers rides into town, sometimes back as
well.  Just tell her you need to get to the P.O., or a store...there's a
Safeway in Burney (the town of) and a Rite Aid Pharmacy as well.
If you need to hitch back to Burney Falls St Pk., hang out at Rite Aid or
Safeway and try to strike up a conversation in the check-out line.  Or by
the speed sign on the highway by the Rite Aid strip mall.  Half Time Pizza
isn't a bad place to chat someone up, same strip mall.  A ride to the 299/89
intersection aka 'the four corners' is easier than getting one all the way
to the Falls, but from the corners you can pretty quickly pick up a ride to
the park.  If hitching back to the trail head on 299, have drivers drop you
off at the Cassel Rd., Sand Pit Rd., 299 intersection again.  Much safer.
Happy Trails,
FireFly from the Hideaway at Old Station

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